Africa Design Lab 2

28 June 2018

For the 2nd Africa Design Lab meetup the focus shifted towards social entrepreneurship. There is undoubtedly a drive amongst designers to do work that has meaning and purpose. The question becomes how do we open up this space and get more opportunities to do this kind of work? The answer may just be that we have to take action, start collaborating, and see where it takes us.

We also wanted to keep a hands-on workshop component to the meetup so we ran a workshop on mental model mapping. Mastering design research will help designers to become more strategic in their work.

About the presenters

Irven Hope

Transitioning Africa’s workforce into the 4th industrial revolution

The mission of the Skill Exchange Makerspace is to demonstrate how outskirt regions can create competitive global economies by developing the innate talents of local communities.

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Asia Issa Sultan

Bed nets or Fishing nets? Social Impact Analysis De-mystified

Measuring social impact is a lot harder than quantifying your financial bottom line. This lightning talk will explore different ways to analyse social impact.

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David du Plessis

Lightning workshop: Mental model mapping

Mental model mapping is a deceptively simple tool that is essential for anyone working to change complex systems by providing a firm basis for decision making. Find out how in this workshop.

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